Heritage Woven Wire

"The perfect complement to period houses and gardens"

The Past

Woven wire started its life in gardens and on fences one hundred years ago. For a time it disappeared. We've brought it back and its better. It used to be overly thick, inflexible, difficult to use and exhausting to paint. Not any more!

The Present

We've reduced the over-thickness, made it flexible and easy to use.

There's no painting because the anti-rust (galvinised) inner core is coated through a unique patented process called DT PLAST; this coating is adhered to the wire. No other woven wire has this anti-corrosion quality.

Why our wire is chosen by the experts!

Ornamental Woven Wire is the preferred choice of heritage architects, landscapers, councils and enthusiasts of cottage and traditional gardens.

The Benefits Colours

Traditional deep Brunswick green and white.

"simply cut and push in, or we can supply stakes to support it"

250mm high (10")
400mm high (16")
650mm high (26")

"staple onto post and rails"

900mm high (3')
1200mm high (3'11")

Single and driveway (made to order)
"powder coated frames with all fittings supplied"