Heritage Woven Wire
Keeps Fido off the Freesias

Dogs and gardens.

Can you have a beautiful garden and a dog?

Dogs love to tear through their area - unfortunately that includes the whole garden unless there is protection.

Now there is protection.

Heritage Woven Wire is a traditional fencing that effectively protects gardens from dogs and blends in beautifully with the foliage.

The two most suitable heights as a dog barrier are the 400mm (16") and 650mm (26"). The wire, which is available by the metre or 25m rolls, is very simple to install and has the flexibility to curve around any garden bed. Stakes are available and should be placed every 2 metres to give added support.

Heritage Woven Wire is a true "heritage" style product with its traditional woven wires and looped tops. It is available in deep brunswick green and white. Other heights are also available - as an ornamental border - 250mm (10") and fencing heights of 900mm (3') and 1200mm (4'). Prices start from as little as $8.95 per metre.

Green Rabbit Wire

Keep Small Animals Off Gardens Beautifully and Cheaply

Simple to install - the GREEN blends in beautifully

Available in 2 heights... 500mm(20") and 1 metre(39") and 2 lengths 10 and 25 metre rolls. Stakes also available.

For information on availability, Heritage Woven Wire can be contacted on

(03) 9773 6300 or fax (03) 9773 6399

or email johnnola@wovenwire.com.au